Memory Gardens of Rensselaer

Memory Gardens of Rensselaer, chartered in 1961, remains the most beautiful Trusted cemetery in Jasper County, Indiana. Eight eloquently manicured gardens have been landscaped to provide a natural and restful setting to remember your loved ones now and in the future.

A not-for-profit corporation, Memory Gardens of Rensselaer has two Trust Funds to guarantee perpetual care. Lots which feature upright granite memorials or flush Matthews Bronze are available for single individuals or family estates.

Submit a request for information or call (219) 866-5125 for one of our professional counselors to meet with you to make your cemetery arrangements.

Memory Garden's Newest Feature: Christ Resurrection Columbarium. This feature was selected and shipped directly to Memory Gardens from Carara, Italy, the fine marble and granite center of the world.

It features 40 individual niches, 1728 cubic inch compartments, each with a personalized granite niche cover.

For our families that choose cremation, we now offer a dignified and affordable form of permanent memorialization. For a limited time only, exclusively to our on-line patrons, learn how you can invest and reserve your personalized individual niche.

You have helped us make Memory Gardens Beautifulby observing these regulations. Thank you...

1.) Summer Clean-Up - decorations must be removed by October 1st

2.) Winter Clean-Up - decorations must be removed by March 1st

3.) All Decorations (including saddles, & contents of vases) must be removed during Clean-Up period.

4.) 1 week after Memorial Day, all decorations not in memorial VASES will be removed.

5.) Summer decorations may be placed the Friday before Memorial Day

6.) Winter decorations may be placed 7 DAYS before Thanksgiving.

7.) Grave Blankets permitted after ground is frozen

8.) Planting of Flowers or Shrubs is NOT permitted.

9.) Cemetery not responsible for items left during Clean-Up period.

10.) Questions may be referred to the cemetery office 866-5125.